2014 Wisconsin Local Foods Journal – Book Signing November 7th

In an effort to raise awareness of the 2014 Wisconsin Local Foods Journal, Clock Shadow Creamery will be hosting a book-signing event on Thursday, November 7th from 4pm until 6pm. The authors of this extraordinarily practical publication will be present to meet some of Milwaukee’s foodies and readers. There will be a plethora of cheese samples, coupled with a unique opportunity to have your questions answered by a couple of passionate advocates of Wisconsin’s immense potential for sustainable living.

With a focus on Wisconsin cheese and cheesemakers this year, the Wisconsin Local Foods Journal’s latest edition has us giddy. Authors Joan Peterson and Terese Allen provide an in-depth look at – not only the freshest and most honest foods from around Wisconsin – but also the stories and philosophies behind the producers of our state’s most wholesome sustenance.

The 2014 Wisconsin Local Foods Journal is riddled with excellent recipe ideas for everyone from the grilled-cheese-aficionado to the veggie-monster, and includes ingenious applications of readily accessible Wisconsin products to a broad spectrum of cuisine, satisfying cravings both familiar and exotic. Furthermore, the Wisconsin Local Foods Journal incorporates an excellent guide for seeking out high-quality producers in your area.

In addition to the incredibly useful nature of the book’s contents, the Wisconsin Local Foods Journal is, in and of itself, being used as a means to foster the development of our communities. Proceeds from the book are being directed to REAP, a non-profit organization based in Madison. REAP focuses on social issues related to the quality and availability of food, as well as the implications of food systems and their relationships to the environment.

So whether you’re interested in community development, creativity in the kitchen, or simply meeting fascinating people, come down to Clock Shadow for an interesting evening with the authors of some remarkable literature.


For more information about the Wisconsin Local Food Journal visit: http://www.wisconsinlocalfoodsjournal.com/index.html

For more information about REAP, visit their website: http://www.reapfoodgroup.org/about-reap/about-reap