Goats On the Radio, Sheep’s Milk in the Vats

So. Spring is here(ish).

Things here at the creamery are moving along quite nicely, and we’ve got some new items we thought we would share.

First off, just a couple of weeks ago, Environmental Reporter Susan Bence at NPR affiliate WUWM did a wonderful TWO PART piece on our goat farm and our cheese:

Part 1: Link

Part 2: Link

As always, Susan did a great job conveying what is so important about this partnership and helped us share this project with all of you in a way that we just couldn’t do on our own. Thank you, Susan!

In additional goat news: the goat cheddar is here! We have our first batch of goat cheddar in the retail store and ready to go. Completely biased opinions indicate it is the best goat cheese ever. Once again, great milk helped us make a great cheese. It’s got a great taste, and to quote Bob Wills: “It’s really pretty,” and it is. No color was added and it’s a beautiful stark white color. You really have to see it! Be sure to eat it, too. That’s what it’s there for. We DO have samples available, by the way.

We’re also very happy to announce our special(hopefully very long term) guest cheesemaker: Anna Landmark.  Anna is and is of Landmark Creamery (link) and she’s producing what we think is the first sheep’s milk cheese ever made in the city of Milwaukee! We’re really enjoying working with and learning from her, and we’re hoping to have some of her elegant and delicious cheese available very soon. We’ll keep you posted.

Time to run. Keep an eye out for us this summer at your favorite farmer’s market and be sure to stop in and visit. We have some more interesting things around the corner!

Eat more cheese!