Purple Door Ice Cream

Purple Door Ice Cream No Longer at Clock Shadow Creamery

As of January 31st, 2014, Purple Door Ice Cream has moved!! Be sure to visit their new retail location at 205 S 2nd St, just up the street at 2nd and Pittsburgh. A brand new retail operation featuring new flavors and menu options is now open!

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Purple Door Ice Cream produces super-premium, homemade ice cream using as many natural, local ingredients as we can. Our ice cream is made and sold in Milwaukee, with both standard and unique flavors. Purple Door is also committed to supporting local businesses and promoting social and environmental responsibility through the making, marketing and sales of our product.

Purple Door Ice Cream is owned and operated by Lauren and Steve Schultz, two educators with over 18 years of combined experience. Lauren and Steve have taken their love for creativity, learning and forward thinking from the classroom to the kitchen. Both are passionate about creating a quality, delicious product while supporting the community and respecting the earth.


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